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Sales management system
Dedicated sales management systems with support for tracking stack, good receiving notes, cash register and advanced statistics generator.
Android application for keeping track of lent or borrowed money.
Service allowing users to share files with each other. Consists of server and desktop applications.
Notes manager
Advanced notes manager with support for books, categories, calendar, notifications, contacts and encryption.
Artifical jewelery sales manager
Fully featured artifical jewelery sales manager with support for multiple consultants, processing orders, payouts, Goods Issued Notes, managing and synchronizing items, scriptable generating PDF catalogs and Excel reports.
CAD software
Dedicated CAD software that supports drawing simple shapes such as: line, rectangle, spline, cirlce, arc, 3-point arc, image, dimmension. Software supports such operations as: move, rotate, snap, mirror, save/load, export/import PDF.
Software and hardware projects
My own fast and scriptable home automation system.
Lighting system for Galeria Krakowska main facade lights. All hardware and software needed to display dynamic animations and interactive shows.
KDcopter v2
My quadcopter - remote controlled quad motor helicopter
KDcopter v3
Third version of my quadcopter - a remote controlled quadrotor helicopter. Built completely from scratch. Additionaly, subject of my Master's Thesis.
Three-dimmensional version of well known Pacman game.
Older projects
Smart home
Monitoring system for central heating, electricity, water and backup power.
LED driver
Device controlling RGB LED strips, reading temperature and providing I/O.
Quad BLDC driver
Device driving four Brushless DC motors. A part of my quadcopter (v2).