Sales management system
Project info
State implemented
Date 2011-09-12

System description

The system was created as a dedicated sales management software to fit specific working conditions. System parts:
  • Server application - responsible for communication with clients and database.
  • Sale terminal - selling application.
  • Admin panel - application for browsing and analysing data as well as configuring whole system.
  • Mobile application - Android widget for showing daily sale.


Technologies C++, Qt, MySQL
This part of the system handles clients and processes theirs requests to the database. Communication is based on TCP/IP and works on GNU/Linux system.

Sale terminal

Technologies C++, Qt
Application ran on touch screen terminal running on GNU/Linux system. Main goals of this application was to be able to run it on low-end hardware (600 MHz, 128 MB RAM) and to control it using only touch screen or mouse. Application modules:
  • Sales
  • Goods Received Note
  • Cash register
  • Fuel statistics
Application is protected against unauthorized access and has various levels of permissions.

Modules description

Sales - Module responsible for selling, modification for Cash register module data and informing about current stock.
Goods Received Note - Module responsible for tracking incoming goods.
Cash register - Module responsible for tracking current cash register state.
Fuel statistics - Module for tracking fuel statistics.

Admin panel

Technologies C++, Qt
Admin panel to control whole system. Application allows:
  • Configure sales terminal
  • Make backups
  • Edit and delete sales
  • Manual sales
  • Edit and delete good receiving notes
  • Edit and delete transfers
  • Edit and delete fuel entries
  • Generate statistics and daily, monthly and yearly summaries.

Mobile application

Technologies Android, Java
A home screen widget and background service for displaying last transaction and cash register state.