Artifical jewelery sales manager


Fully featured artifical jewelery sales manager with support for multiple consultants, processing orders, payouts, Good Issued Notes, managing and synchronizing items, scriptable generating PDF catalogs and Excel reports.
Application modules:
  • Items + synchronization with suppliers
  • Orders
  • Goods Issued Notes
  • Payouts
  • Payments
  • Catalogs generator

Modules description


This module allows to synchronize items from various suppliers, browse items, their attributes and prices.


This module allows to process orders from consultants.

Goods Issued Notes

This module allows to track items issued to consultants.

Orders to suppliers

This module allows to combine multiple orders from consultants into one order to supplier.


This module is responsible for generating consultants payouts based on their sales.


This module tracks all income and outcome transfers.

Catalogs generator

This module allows to generate various catalogs. Each catalog is scripted with Lua language which allows to generate dedicated catalogs easily.